There are hundreds of marketing tactics. So why are you constantly disappointed and distraught with your marketing results?

Have a seat, this might hurt a little.

Did you start with the end in mind? (Or did you get swept up trying to create the most clever TikTok in your space?) What’s your end goal? Starting with the end in mind helps ground and center us on the exact results we want to achieve.

Next, do you know your customers? Do you know them as distinct people or groups you can identify and have a conversation with? Or have you been scattering your seed in the wind and hoping it bears fruit?

Yes, there’s hundreds of tactics but not all do the same thing. Paid media can generate broad awareness but isn’t necessarily effective at converting into sales. Search engine marketing is very effective at converting into sales, but your prospects need to already be aware and searching for a solution. Brand videos are good for awareness and loyalty, but not so much conversion. White papers build interest and desire but aren’t direct conversion vehicles. Company websites and owned channels are excellent for conversion, but customers must be driven there.

Is your marketing program driving loads of attention and awareness but you were expecting leads and sales?

So what’s your goal? And it your marketing program designed around that goal?


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