Marketing can be as simple or involved as your business needs (and budget) warrant. But the easiest way to answer this question is with a question: are your customers on TikTok?

Every business is different with different needs and those needs change over time. Further, there are many marketing strategies for reaching prospective customers.

But at its core, marketing is the practice of meeting your customers where they are, with the information they need – at the exact moment they need it – in order to facilitate a decision to solve a problem they have. This is true whether it’s about which new running shoes to buy, which new car, which new accounting software system or which new lawyer to hire.

A skilled marketing firm works with you to understand your business and your customers to effectively match the customer need with the marketing strategy and tactic. And, that might entail marketing on TikTok.

Right time, right place is never an accident. It’s planning and strategy.


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